Friday, April 06, 2007

Beach Babe!

So one night Carly was running a bit of a temperature, so we decided to try on her bathing suit since she was too hot to wear clothes anyway!......well we got a little carried away-once we got her suit on and saw how darling it was, Mommy couldn't help but notice how "EVEN CUTER" it would be with her green and pink bow, which, just happened to match PERFECTLY!!! (Can we say CaaaaarRAZY!!????) So what started out as a resort to cool little Carly off, turned into a fashion shoot!!! So no, she was not going swimming,(duh, she looks to cute so get her hair wet!!!hehe) but we had a good time!

~Trying to sit up with Daddy on the rebound!

~Here's the beauty queen waving to all of her fans!!

~If only all of us could feel THIS comfortable in a swimsuit, huh?! She's my inspiration- No one can rock her rolls like this baby!!! v

So Stylish!!!

We took these while we were in Indianapolis- Carly is sporting her "Baby GUESS" outfit that Ron and Karen sent to her!!! They spoiled us with this outfit-She's even got little Nikes on!! She definitely does not get to dress like this every day so we had to snap some shots!
So cute!!!! Thanks Ron and Karen!!!