Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We have a hair clip!!

Carly's hair has definitely been long enough to do this for quite some time now, and for some reason, I've just never gotten around to trying it out!! So yesterday after her nap, I sat with her in her room and played with her hair!! Oh, the fun times ahead of us!! So we put her 1st hair clip in, and it was a success!! And yes, I know-to all you family members who are saying that "it looks like she has a little bit of red in her hair," just like you always do- as much as we love all of you red-heads out there, Carly is all dirty blonde-more of a golden honey~LOL~ Just so we've cleared that up for those of you who were lost in confusion-there ya go!! HEHE~

Gotta have the classic Carly face!!.....v

Sooooooooooooo Big~!

So I accidentally uploaded the wrong clip of this, but being that it took me FOREVER to get just this up, I'm afraid the "little" SOOOO BiG is going to have to do for now. Maybe when I find the patience to find out what happened to the clip where she does it over and over, I'll post it up!....But in the meantime..........

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!


Here is my little patriotic arrangement for the 4th of July!Yea!!!....(I had a cute little flag to stick in the middle of this, and totally forgot to even use it till now!!Hehe-oh well!)

Here's our little lounging floater!! Carly had her first official time in the pool yesterday!! She freaked out at first to our surprise(she LOVES bath time), but we think it was due to the freezing water which actually felt quite nice with the 90+degree weather, once you got use to it. I tried to calm her down and endured the screaming for the next minute or so, and luckily she gave in. In fact, she was motionless-She didn't even move a muscle until I got her out. You can see how "excited" she was to be in the pool by the look on her face in these pics. We'd like to think that she wasn't so much frozen with fear, but just relaxing and enjoying the experience! Hopefully with some more practice with the pool, she'll be doing cannon balls into the water in no time!!!

We want to also mention that Carly's uncle, and our little brother Carsen turned 11 on the 3rd of July!! So grown up Carsen!! I'm sure it's crazy to think that next month, 19 YEARS ago, Ryan was turning 11!! Hehe-LOL! Carsen, you keep us all young!! You are such a breath of fresh air to us all. Carly loves you so much, and always lights up when you're around. Thanks for always being so much fun, a joy to be in the family with, and such a great brother and uncle. We miss you and love you so much!!!....we REALLY do. Come see us soon!! You and me have got some yummy shakes to make!!.....or a LONG road-trip to SONIC! Yipeee!!
Happy 11th!!


Just some pics that I got carried away taking today!!....(Ryan's on-call at the hospital until tomorrow afternoon!! So fun!

Carly's 1st cookie....what a mess!!

Funny girl...

Carly was done eating and was laughing as I was singing goofy to her. She's doing this new thing now that once she gets laughing, she's discovering how to make other noises, i.e. fake cough, which she's doing here marvelously!

Hi Mom!!!

Carly just being a silly girl!

Our little squirt!