Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're trying to walk here!

Carly's not quite walking yet, but she's sure trying! SHe'll stand up for a while and then when she feels like it, she'll take a step or two, and then tumble to the ground!! Although she's not as good as her cousin Hudson,(he's two months younger and taking five steps at a time! What a champ!), she's quite proud of herself when she's trying!(As you can see in the last picture.)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We have some piggies!!

Carly standing on her own!

Our reverent little Carly....

OKay, so some of you may know that Carly is quite good at picking up words with movement. Long story, but for example, when she was just 5 months old she starting to clasp her hands together in a begging kind of way whenever I said "Please Mommy!" It's been so much fun to see what she picks up, and we of course think she's the most gifted child around! So here's one of her things that we love to do with her. Whenever we're about to pray, we say to her, "Let's pray!" and about 90% of the time, she'll fold her arms, and bow her head!! She's done this for a few months now! When we're actually saying the prayer though, she just looks at both of us back and forth in a sort of, "What are we doing, and for how long do I have to fold my arms?" way. She thinks it's so funny that we're closing our eyes-Well kind of closing our eyes. We can't help but try not to laugh as we peek down at her to see what she's doing. IT's so funny to watch! She just sort of giggles quietly at the whole thing!
So obviously, we aren't praying here during these pictures, I was just folding my arms while sitting and watching her, and for some reason she thinks that means "Let's pray!" also!! Most the time now, if she sees us with our arms folded in any way, she does the same!! What a reverent baby we have!!! LOL~

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like my dress Grandma M.?

Grandma Moyes wanted to see pictures of Carly in one of the dresses that she sent Carly a while ago. This is one of our favorites because she can crawl around in it so easily (plus it's so darn cute on her of course!)!! Both Grandmas have been so generous in supplying Carly with clothes!! What would we do without these wonderful Grandmas?! Thank you!

Carly literally enjoying her dress!

"So BiG!"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We need a "Big Girl" seat!!...But what one? Any suggestions?

Okay, so we are retarded and can't figure out what to put Carly in for a carseat. As you can see from the last post, she's very much outgrown her infant seat, but we don't know what to buy next! We don't know what's the best or worth the money. I'm reading that Britax marathon is the best, but almost $300 for a carseat? Is that normal?>we don't know. We just want something that Carly will last in, be comfty in, and not scream in the whole time we're in the car(which is where we're at now-the poor thing probably hates her carseat at this point!! IT's TOO SMALL!!
Okay, so I know lots of you mommies that read our blog have just transitioned to a bigger carseat or are about to, so please tell me your thoughts, suggestions, or what you've gone with!! Thank you!! We really need to get one soon!
(Thanks Sarah, for reminding me to post this with your comment of how surprised you were to see Carly in her infant seat still!!LOL~Hehe, this is the reason she's still in it!^^^^^)

My little cutie patootie!

This is my new favorite outfit!! I thought I'd take a picture of her in it on our way out before this perfectly white top's days were over! I think babies look so precious in white! It's just too bad that it's the worst most inconvenient color for a baby to wear!

Bow Baby!

Okay, so I took these a little while ago, but I haven't been an faithful blogger, despite my vowing to be better. So here we go...
I had my bow box out on my bed because I was putting some things together, and Carly started to get into it! She was having such a good time, I of course could not resist getting the camera out. I even got carried away and tied a ribbon around her head (which wasn't such a hot job BTW!)So here are a couple of those cute shots!

Monday, September 10, 2007

This is for Uncle Taylor!

We have just been thinking about Uncle Tay-tay a lot and we just wanted to tell him how incredibly special he is and how grateful we are for his wonderful example. Taylor, we love you so much! You're just awesome-
So I wanted to give a personal shout out to ya, and Carly and I wanted to thank you for helping us pick out such a GREAT basketball for Ryan for Father's day! What would we have done without your expertize! HOpe you enjoy these pics!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is my first time using this (except for right after Carly was born). Hopefully it turns out. I just wanted to wish my wife a Happy Birthday. She is the most compassionate, empathetic, caring woman I know. She has turned our house into a home and I don't know what I would do without her. She is truly beautiful in every way. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I am sure glad that she took a chance on me. I am the luckiest guy in the world. So please join me in wishing Kate a Happy Birthday. I know she would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No more monster!!

Just thought I'd redeem Carly's reputation with the "sweet" photos I took of her the same day as the "crazy monster" pics.
I am so grateful for my little Carly. She really brings so much joy to our lives! The past year has been a wild one. It's been difficult with Carly's extreme food allergies-not knowing what was wrong for the first 6 months, ear drum rupturing, trying to get her terrible reflux under control, her major attachments to mommy-not being able to leave her with anyone, Ryan being gone all the time, etc..But I know there's people out there with MUCH worse, and we've survived. As pathetic as may seem, I feel like I'm just barely getting the hang of things and being a mom. Carly is starting to discover some independence (with a little nudge or two) and she's just a happier baby now that she can get herself around. She is so much fun-I think Ryan and I could watch her all day. I feel so blessed to have the best most darling baby in the world, as well as the best husband in the world. He's really been a trooper throughout everything. I don't know how he handles being a doctor in training and then coming home to an exhausted wife and child every day. He helps out so much-in fact he's had to do more than his fair share and hasn't complained once about it. I am truly blessed!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

One SAD baby!

I was just wondering if anyone else thought this was the most heart-breaking, oh so sad picture of a baby ever!! Aren't I such a mean mom that instead of picking up my baby, I picked up my camera instead?! Well, actually, I was kind of already holding it and taking pictures, but I did continue and take this shot instead of being a good mommy and picking her up. I actually don't even remember what made her cry, but boy, was it a good cry!! No worries, I aborted my bad mommy ways immediately, picked her up for a good cuddle, and ALL BETTER!!!

We've got a monster on the loose!!!

We took these last week. Carly was having a CRAZY night, and as you can see her hair was too!! I'm sure it's not hard to tell from these pictures that she's quite the character!

She actually scares me in this really.