Tuesday, October 30, 2007


So we apparently aren't that cool and really have nothing going on for Halloween, and as far as we know, our ward didn't have any kind of Halloween get together either. So I decided I would sport 1 of the 2 costumes that we have for Carly this year. This is her "costume" for today and then we will post some pics of her in her official costume for this Halloween!!
So the deal with the Pistons outfit is it was actually a gift from a business associate of my dad's that is in Detroit. We want to give him a big thank you for the cute outfit! He even sent a pistons sippy cup and a Pistons pacifier!! I mean, who knew the Pistons used sippy cups and binkies? The things you learn.......
Anyways, although we have no ties to the Pistons, this outfit is sure cute!! Sorry for so many pictures, but they're just so fun, and some of them you just have to click on to see up close!! Anyways, enjoy~!
P.S. Gotta love a basketball player in some mary-jane socks!

Gettin a good stretch before the big game!

Thinkin' of a game plan.....

"Oh yeah!"

"I'm wide open!"

Carly has left the building!

Monday, October 29, 2007

We have some viewers!!

Okay, so this new blog layout is more than a good thing I see!! All of you who weren't able to post comments or even look at the comments before, can now do so!! YEa!!! We're so excited to hear from you now, and thanks for lookin!
Oh, and we don't have any pictures to post as of right now. SO we're kind of boring at the moment- Carly had her 1 yr. shots last week, and has been really sick ever since!! We don't know what's wrong except that she cries non-stop all day, and has to be held(which is not her-well, at least not on a normal day!). Her leg is so swollen/red within a 2-3 inch radius of her shot site, and rock hard! She has had this before, except it only lasted for a day or two. IS this normal? She's been like this since Wednesday, with sad to say, no improvement or change!! I just feel horrible because I don't know what to do and she's clearly upset about something. We've been keeping tylenol in her, but it's obviously not doing the trick. She has been and is getting some more teeth in, but she never acts like this for days on end because of teething! HElp!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Change accomplished!!

Alrighty-thanks for everyone's help. I finally have a new layout for our blog-stay tuned-I now know how to change it, and will be doing so frequently! I know, I know, I'm so exciting. Sorry about the empty list of our friend's and family's blog links, I don't have time to redo it now, but it will hopefully be back up shortly! Have a wonderful day!

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's time for a change!!!....and I need your help!

Okay, so I see all of you fellow bloggers' blogs, and they are all so cute-looking just like a scrapbook page!! Well obviously I'm a bit mentally challenged and have no clue how to do this! Oh, and I've tried, but it helps to know what you're doing in the process, and I don't! Can some of you lead me through this??? I am sick of plain blue!!! So pleeeeeeeeease, fill me in and make me a smarter woman!!...... Thanks a bunch!
*Okay, update from the 1st comment made....I tried copying and posting the template code to the "edit HTML" and it didn't work?! Any ideas anyone?? HEck, I'll give you the password to my blog and you can do it if you like!! (hehe-no seriously!) I must be seriously disabled here! HELP!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Carly LOVES to dance!! Whatever she's doing, if you start or play music she'll stop to do some dancin'!

Big steps!

Yesterday was an exciting day!! Carly got a lot more confident in her walking! She has been walking by herself from one thing to another, but yesterday, she finally made it from one side of the ROOM to another!! We were having so much fun with her, and she was so proud of herself. Trust me, we have way more clips that I would just love to post on here, but these two took me long enough! Enjoy!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest baby of them all?!?!

Carly is obsessed with mirrors!! Every time she sees one, she thinks she needs to give the mirror or baby kisses!! She seriously will makeout with the mirror until we distract her with something else.....or pry her away!
It's the funniest to watch! She's just such a loving child!

Finally taking a break from herself!


Just wanted to show the grandmas Carly's new teeth!!....and some random pics.

Carly multi-taskin. She loves walking around with something hanging out of her mouth. I have no clue what's up with that!

In need of some good ol' TLC...

Carly has been sick with a little cold and some tough teeth trying to get through on top, and this was one of the only ways I could keep her from crying last week.....Sitting in her pink pillow and snuggled up with a blanket, watching the one and only "Backyardigans." I really don't know what I would do without that show!!>.....No seriously.

She works hard for the money!

I found Carly like this the other day. She had gotten into one of the diaper bags, and she went straight for the cash!! Way to go Car!

Monday, October 15, 2007

walking along!

Okay two things-It seems that whenever I decide to record anything, our house is a total disaster! How nice it would be to have a normal house when I'm showing it to the whole world!!Hehe, OH well-maybe next time! Also, why is it that I'm always too late to get out the video camera?! Carly had been walking so far across the room for about 10mins. beforehand, and instead of getting it on video, I sat there watching her! By the time I got her on camera, she must have been worn out because she only took about 3-5 steps at a time before plopping on the ground!! She did walk about 12 steps earlier though, and it looked a lot easier than it looks on the video!! Man, this chubby baby's got to get in shape!Hehe!
So anyways, it's not what I hoped for, but until I can bust the camera out at the right time, here's a few steps for you!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

One crazy walker!

We just wanted to get some video of Carly using her walker! She's really getting into using it to get a round, and you can see, she gets around fast!! Sometimes too fast!! Let's just hope she doesn't drive someday like she uses her walker!
P.S. Oh we promise we aren't dirty nasty people, as far as our carpet goes! It's been horrible since we've been here, and we're trying to get our landlord to get it cleaned~!It's driving me nuts!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

An exciting day!!......

Today is a wonderful day!! My little brother Devan finished his two year mission for our church in the Tallahassee, Florida Mission. He returned home today, and sadly we are not there-(which is hard for a big sister!), but we will see him at Christmas and we can't wait for him to meet his niece!!
Devan served an amazing mission. It was full of lessons of humility, patience, tolerance, service, hard work, commitment and love. He has born witness of the truth as a constant and true servant of The Lord. He has had many obstacles to overcome in the past couple of years, and he has faced them with confidence through his faith in The Lord. During these past two years, Devan's been incredibly blessed to be free of a physical burden that has taken a toll on his body most of his life, for the first time ever. What an incredible miracle it has been. We are all truly grateful to our Heavenly Father. He really does provide the way that is meant for each one of us.
Devan, we love you and are so proud of you and the work you have done on your mission. We know you will continue that work throughout the rest of your life.
The love that you have shared will live on in the hearts of all of whom you served forever. We thank you for the blessing it has been to be a part of this with you and the joy and strength you have brought to us through your missionary work.
At this time we feel it very much appropriate to say,
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Here are some pics of Carly expressing her love for her uncle. She wanted to welcome him home!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Our little Curly Sue!

I love how much Carly's hair curls up!! I love the ringlets!! I love how sometimes it's stick straight, and other times flares out to the sides and looks super long!! Her hair has many looks, not to mention the crazy way her bangs are growing out!! I could swear that she has at least 50 different lengths going on in front!
You'll have to blow up these pictures to really appreciate those ringlets!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Let's open presents!!!

Carly loved opening presents!......Well playing with her presents!!! We wish we had tapes for our video camera,(we didn't do b-day cake for this reasons. We'll do it tonight!)because she was laughing SO hard when we'd rip paper in front of her!! As you can see from the last pictures, after we'd open presents, she'd then lay down on them and cuddle them!! She really LOVED them!! Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa Williams and Grandpa and Grandma Hill!! You spoiled our little girl, and she enjoyed every minute of it!!

Here's the Birthday Girl!!

WE decided to reminisce and watch some old videos of Carly, and she was fascinated with herself!! As you can see....
We opened some of Granma and Grandpa Moyes' presents early in the morning....Carly was anxious....Well mommy too!

My little princess.....

Hey is our little princess in her Birthday dress for church!!!