Friday, November 16, 2007

My little GirLie!

Today, while I was on the computer I could hear Carly going back and forth from the door all the way to our living room and was talking up a storm while doing so. This had gone on for at least 10 minutes, so being the attentive mother that I am, I decided that I should probably see what she was doing that was so entertaining. I turn around to find her with one of my bags, on her shoulder, and just carrying it around like a "big girl." I just about died!!

She just kept going-walking around, talking, then she'd put it down for a second, sit down, look inside it for a moment, then stand back up, drag it a long and then pull it up on her shoulder-all while carrying on a conversation with herself that only she can understand!!

It was the funniest thing to watch!I was scared that she'd stop once I'd pull out the camera, but she was so proud, and wanted mommy to see how cool she was, so she just carried on! It was great!

I can't believe my little girl is growing up, and actually picking up on things that I do! I mean, how else would she know how to wear a purse(besides her natural sense of style of course.)??

I thought she was too young to already be acting like such a girlie girl! So now we have two things on the list to worry about- She's obsessed with shoes AND purses!! Watch out Mom and Dad!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Moms I need help!>....again!

When did your child(ren) stop taking two naps? I don't know whats going on with Carly, but all the sudden she's not going to sleep until being her crib for over an hour and a half!!(She usually takes 30 mins. max, if that to go to sleep!) I know it could be daylight savings, or teething, or who knows what, but I don't know what to do! My precious baby schedule is melting before my eyes!! AGHH!! It's just killing us all because Carly is such a scheduled kind of girl,(hehe-like mommy) that this curve is really throwing us all off!! SO, aside from all the other factors of why this may be happening, again-I'm just curious>WHen do most kids go from 2 to 1 nap? Is it too early for Carly??

Our walking monster!!

Now that Carly is 100% walking everywhere, she is wanting to get into everything!! If she's off doing her own thing playing quietly somewhere, the moment I leave the room, she quickly stands up and runs right after me!!Even when I dash off as fast and as quietly as I can to grab something from my room or wherever, by the time I'm trying to get back out the door, she's right there!

Check out that belly!! WHoohoo!!

Teaching her "NO" has been an interesting experience for Ryan and me. We are working on "no!" alot these days. I try to say "no" sternly, sometimes a couple of times, and then at the sign of the slightest retraction, I praise her by saying "thankyou!" and "good girl!" and she goes merrirly on her way. I've found that she's reacted much better to me saying no, if she hasn't already gotten into what she's not suppose to yet. For instance, as I see her approaching something I don't want her getting into, or she's about to grab or touch something she's not suppose to-me telling her no before she does it is usually successful!....unfortunately, like any other mother, I can't always watch her every move and she does beat me to it! Those "no" successes are a hit or miss!! It is funny though when I find myself almost coaxing her away from whatever the "hostage" may be, and I feel like an officer telling a gunman to just put the gun down, and we're all going to be cool and calm!! Other times I feel like her personal coach helping her overcome some of those "baby exploration" tendancies. It'll start and end something like this...."Carly no.NO-no.....stop-we don't touch that....Carly!!NO-NO. Thankyou!!>........NonOnono...Carly!! NONO-come on baby, be a good girl...come here..come on.....Good girl!! Let's play with this, okay?!... GOOD GIRL-THANKYOU baby!!"

Of course at times she feels the need to be defiant.

She'll give me that look,(yup-this picture-that's the look!) and I then know that she's going to do it anyway! I can "coax" her all I want, but she's going to stand her ground! All in all, we have been lucky as to how well she does when we say no(....I know all you moms out there are saying, "yeah, for now!!")
It's fun watching her just want to discover everything. She has so much fun.....sometimes too much fun if we don't keep a close eye on her!! It's just a whole new world when they are no longer crawling!! Be careful what you wish for, huH!?

Monday, November 12, 2007

I HATE Daylight Savings!!

Whoever thought daylight savings was necessary, was definately NOT a mother. I already had a screaming baby for two weeks a week ago because of a bad reaction to 1yr. shots, but for the past week, it's been because of daylight savings! DId it ever occur to anyone that some mothers have children who don't adapt to time change too well?! Carly won't even go to bed at night she's so messed up! She has never not gone straight to sleep. She never makes a peep from the time I put her down in her crib, but boy have "times" changed. She isn't going to bed till around 9:00!! Way too late for her. I don't know if she's overtired or what. The girl is waking up at 5:00 in the morning! I think we're all overtired!! So that's it- We've gone from waking up peacefully around 7:00 and going down around 7:45, to waking with with screaming and tears, and partying out till 9. Maybe it's our fault for creating such a scheduled baby, but it's the only way I can function, but now I am purely a disfunctional mother with a terrorizing baby from morning to night! Oh and the best part you ask me? This month Ryan is on call at the hopsital every fourth night! Which means that he works a normal day for 3 days, then on the fourth day he goes in at 6:00am, and comes home around 2:00pm the next afternoon, and goes right back early the next morning! By the time he comes home, I'm already pulling my hair out! The poor guy is already exhausted, and then to come home to me and a nutso baby?......I'm guessing not so fun.
I know I've probably been spoiled with a pretty good sleeper in the past, but to take it away from me so drastically???>...Seems cruel-that's all!
Let's just say the thought of coming home from Christmas break after being on Eastern time for two weeks does not give me happy thoughts. That's a THREE hour difference!!! I don't remember it being this difficult last year(of course she was a newborn), but even traveling she did fine adapting. Is it because she's getting older??
Well regardless of the reasons, I hate this!!
OKay, thanks for listening to me whine. I'm done now-just had to get it out! Feel free to tell me of your woes or advice!! ;)

Thursday, November 08, 2007


So obviously we've been missing for the past week from the blogging world....Sorry about that. So finally, here are some pictures of our Halloween night!!! Yes, we were all doctors, scary thought, I know! Halloween's supposed to be scary though, right?!
Oh-Just to clarify-It'd be scary if CARLY and I were doctors..(Not Ryan!) You're going to be the best honey!


Carly didn't smile in any of the pictures we took at the Halloween get together, so here she is chowing down on her puffs when we got home that night. Thanks grandma Williams for the cute onesie!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Technical difficulties...

Okay, I know I haven't put Halloween pics up yet, but I'm having trouble loading my pictures right now, so as soon as it works I'll have them up! Also, I when I changed my layout, I lost all of your links, but no worries, I cut and pasted them to word before I changed my blog. Pretty much I'm lazy and haven't finished putting them back up yet. Carly's screaming and she is barely letting me type this!!.....Can't wait till NAPTIME!!
Okay, I'll be back!