Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're Back!

We have gone missing from the blog world, but we are back, safe and sound! Hopefully you haven't given up on us yet!! I am excited to check out all of your blogs! It's been a while, and I aplogize.
So, these pics are of us at the Ward Christmas party. Most of them are blurry because I was either laughing or chasing Carly across the gym while trying to take them!

We were so surprised that Carly didn't cry on Santa's lap, but she definitely kept her distance!!

I don't think Carly is ever as happy as she is when she gets to freely roam around the gym at church! She just loves all that open space!!

Carly loves playing with the big kids!

She could care less where we were! We could hardly keep up with her!

And she's off!!!

We love our "odd" child!

The other day Carly walked up to me with her bib on her head! Now these pics aren't quite as funny as she looked originally,(she looked like a bib-wearin' nun, but by the time I got the camera, it was starting to fall off!), but you get the idea! Carly LOVES putting things on her head, and on the back of her neck for some odd reason. She'll walk around putting things like glasses on, beads, shoes, make-up or whatever she can find on her head or around the back of her neck, and then walks up to the mirror in the hall to check herself out. She must be Ryan's child;)

Puma Baby!

When I saw this a year ago, I had to have it. I am a puma freak, and I wanted to stear my baby in the right direction! Isn't this an awesome track-suite?! She wasn't really in the posing mood, so I had to snap some while she was distracted with our excited things from Target!