Thursday, February 21, 2008

And we're back!!!.......Again....

So I realize that it's been a month since I last posted-horrible I know. Although this is going to sound a bit familiar from my last excuse a month ago, I swear it's the truth!!.....Well, about two weeks after I got better from the flu/cold, I started coming down with the same symptons-AGAIN! Within days, I was about as miserable as I could be. Within days of that, Carly started coughing pretty badly as well-yeah great! She started to get so bad, that at times, she was having a hard time getting air! It was getting pretty scary, and she'd had a 102 fever for days so I finally took her in to be seen. Sure enough my daughter had the CRUPE!!! It was so horrible, and she was so miserable. I felt so bad for my baby. It definitely distracted me from how miserable I felt! They gave her an overdose of steroids, and before I knew it, I had a sick raving lunatic running around the house(besides me)! Carly was still horribly sick, but she was so emotionally unstable(like her mother), agressive, and out of control!! OF course Ryan was on-call that day, and wouldn't be home from the hospital till the next afternoon(lucky me!). All I could do was pray that this chaos would pay off. The doctore told me that this behavior was "normal" with steroid treatment, and that it's common for even kids to get "roids rage!" Sweet-....Within three days, she finally was going off the steroids-I thought the worst was over......but apparently not! I don't know what was wrong but she was going through withdrawels or something! I have never wanted my baby back more than I did that week!! It was so nice when things started to finally calm down within a week or so. She and I were still sick, but we were both able to get more rest. So there you have it. It has been a crazy past month, and I feel I am entitled to at least one more month before getting sick again!! Is that too much to ask?? Let's hope not!!
I took this picture last week. I was playing dress up with Carly and trying on her new Easter dress(from the one and only Target!). Oh, and the black leggings are not part of the ensemble! I was just too lazy to take them off! Try to ignore the tornado that came through the room! Her laundry was literally everywhere!!

Not a fan of the vacuum

These were taken last week. Carly is deathly afraid of the vacuum, and what had happened here is Ryan had started it in the family and Carly booked it over to her little corner, grabbed all of her animals and blankets, and did not move a muscle until the vacuuming was over! It was pretty funny. She does this whenever the vacuum starts! The rest of the pics are just her in pure relief that the vacuuming is over!! Yea!!

Some cute pics of my baby before church!

These are over a month old, but hey, at least I'm getting them up, right?! heehe

Saturday, February 16, 2008