Sunday, March 04, 2007

What a babe!

Here's Carly's smiling pics! YEs, we know-she is a VERY HEALTHY baby!!! More to love, right?! She looks especially chubbo in these pics because her dress is a little too small-That's mostly my fault, since I made her wear it today even though it's a 3month dress!! Hey, I got it on the major sale rack, and it's just so cute!!! Don't worry, it's off to storage now!

Crazy lookin'!

We thought these pics were pretty funny lookin'! Carly's got the "crazy eyes" look down!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Carly loves her Daddy!!

Ryan has been in Dallas for an interview for Cardiology Fellowship. He'll be out town next week too in Cleveland for an interview at the Cleveland Clinic, so we just wanted him to know that we miss him, we love him, we appreciate all of his hard work, and we can't wait till he gets home!!!