Friday, February 27, 2009

Bows anyone?!

Carly is crazy about her bows! I kid you not, the girl gets terribly upset if you put her hair up without putting a bow in it! Well, if she ever finds a random bow anywhere in the house, she expects it to be put in her hair immediately! Well, these pics were taken when I was sitting in Carly's room the other afternoon, reading, while she was playing in hers and the other upstairs bedroom across the hall. Well, she got into one of her bow boxes, and one by one, she'd bring them to me and ask me to put them into her hair. It took me quite a while to convince her that there was no more room for anymore bows!! Aren't kids suppose to NOT want things in their hair?! I'm sure many of you out there are saying, "Only your child, Katie!" LOL- What can you do?!