Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blankie Babe!!

Havin' a good time with the blankie!

Here, Carly has her favorite thing in the world!.....her little blankie square. Yes, we thought it was quite silly when we received it as a gift, but it's the best thing ever. Carly is more entertained by this 12x12 in. than we can believe! And yes, this is the famous "suffocating" blanket, so we have to keep a close eye on her when she decides to see how long she can deprive her brain of oxygen!! Oh, if we weren't so desperate for entertainment around her....maybe we'd all have a few more brain cells.... oh well-what can ya do!??

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snuggle Bunny!

Carly is already a "blankie" baby! Her favorite thing to do to soothe herself to sleep now is put both arms out to her sides and fiddle around with the edging of the blanket in her hands. Eventually she'll bring it up under her arm and to her face like in these pictures. Right now she's really into exploring every different texture, taste, and smell out there. It's fun to see her explore. She's growing up so fast!!! Next weekend she'll be 5 months!!

Valentine Babe!

We forgot to take pictures of Carly on Valentines Day-well, not entirely....We remembered when we were taking off her tights and diaper that night after we got home from our little date. Carly had a major "special needs" diaper and was very tired, so we figured we'd just take the pictures as she was so we could quickly get her in her pjs and off to bed!! So here's the darling girl with her diaper hanging out!!! She kind of has a crazy look in her eye in all of these pics!!!

Binky on the Noggin'!

Obviously, this isn't the cutest picture of Carly, but it's a pretty funny one! When Carly plays with her teether, binky or blanket, she loves putting them in her face, but sometimes she'll just let go of them and leave them right on her face. Although she knows how to get them ON her face just fine, for some reason, she hasn't quite figured out yet that she can move them/take them off just as easily!!! She will sit there, crazily waving her hands and legs in the air until you come get them off yourself!
Of course, a binky sitting on her face isn't anything to worry about, but I am a bit concerned to leave her alone with her blanket. I could swear that Carly enjoys "almost" suffocating! It's a bit troubling- She likes to leave her blanket over her face and breathes hard into it until she coughs!! I am trying to teach her that this behavior is not quite as funny as she finds it to be, so when she does this, I try to help her grab the blanket herself to take it off. .......for all I know, she can do it herself!! She probably just likes the thrill of making me panic and throw her blanket off her face each time! Oh goodness....I'm going gray already!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Havin' fun in the diaper ONLY!

Carly wanted to hang out in her diaper so that she could fully display each and every roll!! (That's "Air Force One" on pause in the backround of the first pic-in case you were wondering.) She's been pretty sick for the past week and a half with a fever, ear problems, and most recently from her current antibiotics, but as you can see, she oddly enough did not loose much of her appetite!! She's as chunky as ever, and we love it!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Mama's girl!

This was Carly's Valentines dress that Mommy's been saving for a long time for her to wear!!(Sorry Grandmas-don't worry she'll wear your outfits this week!!) Carly looked so cute at church, so we took some pics when we got home. You probably cant see them, but her dress had little hearts all over with cute heart pockets in front. ILOVE this dress-She better not ever grow out of it!! Hehe~

Cutie in the Crib!

The other day when Ryan and I went to go get Carly up from her nap, she was in such a good mood and rolling over in her crib-So of course, we grabbed the camera and caught her in action!

Trying to sit up on her own!

We're trying to strengthen Carly's back so that she can learn to sit up on her own. She did a pretty good job her, but as you can see at the bottom, I finally gave her a rest, and put her on her tummy. She looks pretty pooped!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wishing an early Happy Birthday to Uncle Devan!

Today I put together a little birthday package for my brother Devan, who's on mission for our church in Florida. I thought it'd be cute take a picture with Carly wishing him a happy birthday! His birthday isn't until the 6th of February, but these pics turned out so fun and cute, I had to post them on here!!! I can't wait to send these to her Uncle Devan!!! Happy 21st bro!!