Friday, May 18, 2007

~Carly and Maya~

This is Carly's cousin Maya-

Though they are about 4 1/2 months apart, they are very close.

So close, that Maya has no problem when Carly sees the need to pick Maya's nose.....
So close, that they'd lend their own thumb to the other to suck on.....

(I'm sure Carly just forgot that Maya has two thumbs of her own!).....

So close, they can lean on eachother through anything!...(even a neverending photoshoot that their mommies can't get enough of!)

And like all close friends, they occasionally have discord with one another that can only be settled in a boxing match.....(I will admit, Carly definitely took a cheap shot at Maya here-totally illegal.)

But at the end of the day.....Carly couldn't be happier than to be close to her friend and cousin, Maya...and as you can see, that makes Maya so happy, she could just blow bubbles-literally.

In the daily life of Carly and Maya....

Maya said, "Sheish!-What's that smell?!......

Carly replied, "What?! Don't look at me, I didn't do it!!"

Carly then points to Maya and says, "Come on! Look at that face-it was totally her!"
Maya said, "Yeaaaaaaaah, it was!!!"

Helpin' her "girl" out...

"Here cous, let me help you with your's a little"
(Too bad Carly had actually pulled it down herself just moment before!!!)

Two little dreamers.....

As you can see, Maya is just telling Carly how great the future looks and all the things they're going to do together...

Just look at these faces!

Carly loves her uncle Carson. Any time she'd get fussy, he could cheer her up. Carly took a while to get use to everyone, but gave Carson a big smile the minute she saw him. He's such a big helper, and so good to his little nieces and nephew. He's getting to be so grown up!

Bub-bye to Uncle Taylor-He's off to Sweden!

We were in Utah last week, spending our vacation time with the fam, and most especially with Ryan's brother Taylor, who has now left for the MTC this week. He will train there for 8 weeks ( I believe) and then be off to Stockholm, Sweden where he'll serve the rest of his two year mission. Taylor has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen, and he will be an amazing instrument of love and truth as he serves on his mission!! We will miss him tons, but we couldn't be more proud of him!!! Carly just loves her Uncle Taylor-He was trying to teach her what to do whenever a boy tries to kiss her->smack'em or give them a good left hook >(since she usually displayed this so well whenever Taylor tried to give her a kiss). Well, one time when the whole family was watching, Taylor decided to show everyone the lesson he'd been teaching Carly. While leaning in towards Carly's face he said, "Okay Carly, what do you do when a boy tries to kiss you?!" Carly then immediately pulled Taylor's face in and layed a big fat slobbery kiss on him!! Not exactly the reaction Taylor had been teaching her, but it gave us a pretty good laugh!! It was so funny and awfully sweet-I'd seen her punch or slap him every time he'd done this before, so it was just hilarious to see such an adverse response from her!!!

My Mom Rocks!!

I'm so glad that Carly chooses such wonderful clothing to express her feelings!! I can't help it-I obviously just ROCK!!!
Of course, Carly feels heavier than a sack of rocks/BOULDERS, so there you go! Gotta love those cheeks!!

hangin' with the cousins!!!

We got together one night in Utah with Ryan's cousins and their babies, and we had a good laugh getting them to pose for a picture together. Well thank goodness for our stable little Carly-she held up her cousins quite well. She looked pretty worried for a moment, but for the rest of the time was quite calm-it was pretty funny!! She wouldn't really smile-she just looked a little puzzled as to why so many babies were leaning on her and about to take her down! As soon as everyone took their little ones off the couch, Carly started to smile as big as can be!!! I'm sure it was pure relief!
(You'll have to click on these photos and see them close up to really appreciate the facial expressions on each baby!! Too cute!)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

SOme video of Carly!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Finally....some Easter Pics of our Little Bunny~

Our flash wasn't working due to the battery dying, and it just so happened that there wasn't a double AA battery in the house!!! So, every other picture or so has a flash. As you can see, Carly was growing tired of having a happy face only for the flash to not go off or the camera to die!! By the end of the next set of pictures, Carly's body language says it all-she would rather eat her bunny ears than take any more pictures!! She was pretty funnY! She's really getting such a fun personality!!..................oh yeah, and these "Easter pics" were "allegedly" taken on Easter...........okay, EAsterISH time............GIVE or take a few weeks.........(we were a bit under the weather on the ACTUAL date, but hey, at least we finally got around to it!! We did get professional pics a couple weeks BEFORE that I still need to post on here. Stay tuned!!!

SUch a SipPer!!!

Carly was trying out her sippy cup, and doing a marvelous job staying dry!!! Hehe, okay, so she's a little wet, but we're pretty sure she managed to get quite a bit into her mouth as well!!!

Carly likes her food!!!

Just thought I'd take a picture of Carly after eating her delicious pureed prunes! Yummmmmmmmmeeeee!!! She looks like she got into a chocolate bar or something!!