Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Easter........

Okay, it's official-I've won the award for worst Blogger of the year! To any of you left that are still occasionaly checking our blog in the wild hopes that something new will actually be posted....thanks for hanging in there!! I would go on with excuses but it's not important right now, and I know you'd much rather see pictures than words!! So enjoy the following 3-4 postings below this and maybe later I'll get to what's been going on in our lives! For now, I'm just proud of myself for getting a few separate very much belated posts and pics up!! Thanks for bearing with us!
Here are some of the goodies that the Easter Bunny left behind! We're hoping the Easter Bunny will upgrade our falling apart baskets next year.
Carly was excited to get her Backyardigans coloring book, and a her little pink duck(which surpisingly lights up!! Ooooooh, awwwww!). Carly loves ducks right now and her impression of their sound is quite hilarious!

Our first Easter egg hunt!!!

We had a great time the day before Easter! We went to a farewell party for some friends of ours, the Mosinski's(we sure are going to miss you Jen!), and there was an Easter egg hunt for all of the kids. We didn't know if Carly would understand it all, but she caught on fast! As soon as she got on the grass, she was cruisin' to any and every egg she saw!! We had to put a lot of eggs back on the ground because she got a little carried away(luckily she didn't see us), but she had a great time, and was sooooo cute!! We love our little bunny!!!

Carly thought she'd get some opinions on her findings....

A triumphant hunt!!!

I love my baby...../little girl!

Doesn't she look so grown up?!

Gal Pals

Here's Carly and her dear friend Vivi. As you can see, they're very close!! Hehe-It's so fun to see them together. Carly just loves Vivi, and she acts so old around her-giving her hugs and patting her head like Vivian's a little child and Carly is so grown up!! It's pretty funny. We love having Vivian and her mommy Natalee around!! Many days we don't know what we'd do without them!! Thanks for being so great Natalee!
I'm going to miss so many of you mommy's when we leave here in June!