Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cutie in overalls!

These pics aren't taken very well, but Carly still looks darling, so who cares! It was time for her nap, but I wanted to take pictures first, so I was having to move around all over the place to get her to laugh and smile, therefore making the pictures a bit blurry and with the camera handle in one of them!! Oh well! What can ya do!? = )

All wrapped up!!!

Last night, we took what we thought was going to be a "quick" trip to Target to pick some things up that we desparately needed( i.e. diapers, cheap food!!!). Well, when we arrived, we discovered that Carly had completely "blown out" her diaper, and was a mess. Unfortunately I didn't bring her diaper bag because I was dumb and thought we didn't need to because she had just been fed, changed, burped, etc. Luckily I had a changing pad, diaper, and wipes in my purse, but that was it. We didn't want to bring her in the store in just a diaper-she'd freeze!! So, Mommy was forced to get creative and turned her blanket in to a little robe after changing her in the back seat of our car. It was a bit complicated pulling it all off, but it ended up working out just fine. Much to our surprise, she was quite the happy camper!! We had to snap a couple shots when we got home. She was asleep at first, but then woke up to be her photogenic self!!!

Nap time!!

For Carly's afternoon nap, we let her play in her crib and listen to music and she falls asleep pretty fast.....we just have to flip her onto her stomach before she wakes up so she can snooze for the rest of her naptime.( Sleeping on her tummy is the only way that she stays asleep!! I know, we're bad parents-but it makes our baby happy-and that makes up happy!!)

spittin' in the crib'!!!

Carly's new favorite thing to get attention or to just entertain herself is to spit and blow bubbles by vibrating her lips!! Despite the fact that she ends up with spit all over her face, it's pretty darn cute and fun to watch!!

Tuckered out....

I took tons of pics after Carly fell asleep from the most recent pics on the site, but I never posted any, so here's a cute one!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

We are so HaPpY!

~All tuckered out~

This is Carly's new favorite thing-........Mommy's too!! I absolutely love this swing. It goes side to side and back and forth., it's got songs, nature sounds-the whole bit. I highly recommend it!Carly calms right down in it and usually falls asleep. She's so content when we put her in this thing-it's so great!! This was the first time we put her in one at her Aunt Jenny's and Uncle Jeremy's. Aunt Jenny put her in it because she had a little too much "fun" with our photo time, and was quite fussy. From the Second Jenny put her in it, she didn't move a muscle. She was so mesmorized by the whole thing, she just sat there starring into space, until she drifted off to sleep soon after. We got quite a kick out of watching her. After that experience, I was hooked, and knew that when we got home and took back the bouncer we have that broke(it's the same series as the swing), we would definitely be trading it in for this thing!! I must say, we are loving this swing! Can ya tell?! = )

Little Buddies!

~ Carly and Hudson~
Here's Carly's only other cousin, Hudson Guthrie!! As you can see, these two are already pals! Carly is 12 weeks in this pic, and Hudson 4 wks., but not too long from now these will probably be the only pictures we'll have of these two where Carly is much bigger!!!
These two were so cute together. Hudson would almost watch Carly smile and then do the same. They were kind of switching off on the smiling!! They were so darling when we put them side by side-they were linking arms and everything!! So much fun. Hudson is such a cute little man!! We're excited that Carly will have such a great buddy to grow up with!

Uncle time!

We were not surprised that Carly warmed right up to her uncles. She did really well in letting whoever hold her by the end of our trip too!! Unfortunately she can still be a little fussy when being held by any male other than her daddy, but she's doing much better now that we passed her around so much on our trip! I think her uncle Taylor would have liked to have held her more when she WASN'T needing to go down for a nap-somehow he usually wouldn't get to hold her until she was fussy and tired and probably wouldn't have behaved for anyone at that point. So we're glad we were able to grab him one evening and have him pick up Carly from her nap-That's when she's the snuggliest! As you can see in this picture (top pic) we had quite the satisfied uncle and niece!

Carsen was definitely a trooper. I don't think you could have found a 10 yr. old with cleaner hands!! He was such a good sport with my crazy germaphobic issues~! I probably asked/told the poor guy to wash his hands more times than he could count, but he was so good about it, and tolerated my nagging like a champion! Sometimes he'd even call my attention to his own random and independant acts of "sterilizing" his hands just so I wouldn't have to ask if he ended up playing with Carly! Hehe~Thanks Carsen!!
Carly loved him singing "We Are A Happy Family." He definitely was her favorite form of entertainment! He was wonderful with her and he's a great little unlce!!
(Pic of Carsen and Carly-bottom pic)

Christmas babe!

Carly and Avery!

We had fun trying to get Avery and Carly to pose in their matching dresses. Carly loves her only girl cousin Avery. Avery was so sweet holding Carly and trying to help us help her smile. She's quite the grown-up 2 1/2 yr. old! We knew our little photo session had probably gone on too long when out of nowhere, Avery yelled out, "She's too heeeaavvvy!!! I don't think I can hold her anymore!!" We couldn't help but just bust up laughing!! Avery had the most distressd look on her face-as you can sort of see in this last picture. It was pretty hilarious! Carly looked like she had no cares in the world-she was having a great time just sitting there, chomping on her hands!
After we were able to finally contain our laughter we took about two more shots and then relieved the poor exhausted 2 yr. old. What cuties!

Baby's 1st Christmas!

Carly's 1st Christmas, and boy did Santa, grandparents, and cousins spoil her!! We had a lot of fun trying to get Carly to rip off the rapping paper on her presents-She actually didn't do such a bad job since she's just getting to that age where she loves to grab anything and everything. The only hard part was to keep her from putting it in her mouth!! Santa brought her a Baby Einstein play gym and Carly just loves it! Her whole face lights up when she's playing on it. I think we all just sat around watching her play on many hours of the next few days. She's pretty fun to watch!!
Carly was 12 weeks at the time. She's sure growing up fast!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas Eve at with the Hill family!

We spent Christmas Eve this year with all the Hill family (Ryan's mother's side). This year we had a little Christmas pageant. >.....................As you can see there was large amount of great grandchildren born this past year!!! Carly was an angel and is being held by her cousin Kelsey. It was so cute to see the little ones participate. The older grandchildren graciously participated as well despite their highschool/college status. It was all so cute!! We love our Hill Family!

Someone loves her Auntie!!

How bout' that face, huh?!

Carly sure loves the attention she gets from aunts and uncles!!!!Here she is with her Aunt Heather, who despite the fact that she's having one of her own her pretty soon, would LOVE to hold Carly all day if you let her!! Heather is definitely a pro at making Carly smile. She's going to be a great Mommy~

On our way to church on Christmas Eve-Day~

We have missed these friends of ours!

Our dear friends Ryan and Melanie Sanders! Both Ryans have been best friends for over 14 years~We hadn't seen Ryan and Melanie since they were married two years ago! It turned out that we were all in Utah during the holidays, so we were able to meet up at the Williams' home in Orem. We were so excited to finally reunite and have them meet our little Carly. It was so much fun to sit and chat all night with them and the fam!! It's too bad that we live so far apart from such great friends and a wonderful couple. Someday we hope to live closer to eachother!! ........Ryan and Melanie: We love you both!!

Letter from Auntie Ali in Brazil!

Carly received a letter from her Aunt Ali, who's currently serving a mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
She left in Oct. and we are so proud of her!! You can see how much Carly loves her!! She was quite excited to get news from her Aunt. Thanks Ali!!! We love and miss you!