Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My happy napper for the day!!.....

Bed head!!

Carly has had a really tough past month. We still don't know why she's so sick, and her endless misery continues....Nevertheless, today she delighted me with a good long 2 hr. nap!! So wonderful, I had to capture the moment on camera when I woke her up! Yes, I know, I'm as pathetic as they come! Today it was 91 degrees and brutally hot, and even though Carly's room is the coolest, she still managed to get a little overheated and work up some good bed head!!!

Playing dress-up already!!!

I left Carly out in the Living room for a minute while I ran to change, and when I came back, this is how I found her!! I have no clue how she even got her jammies, or on her head for that matter!! Oh my little girl is already wanting to play dress-up!!! Very creative, I must say!! ; )

Friday, June 01, 2007

More cute slides~

Thank goodness for a good ol' bath!

Carly has had quite the rough week-She's been really sick with a terrible cold, and has been as miserable and as sleepless as can be(-mommy can deeply empathize). Last night, after a long day of countless disasters, tears, and "turmoil," Carly came alive in her bath and finally had a smile on her face. It was late-we usually are pretty good about keeping ourselves timely with Carly's bedtime schedule, but being the fact that she was happy and giving her mommy a very much needed reason to laugh at the end of such a long day/week, we decided to endulge in the moment, and enjoy letting Carly make our sides hurt with laughter. She is such a goof, and we love her for it!