Saturday, January 06, 2007

Carly and Avery!

We had fun trying to get Avery and Carly to pose in their matching dresses. Carly loves her only girl cousin Avery. Avery was so sweet holding Carly and trying to help us help her smile. She's quite the grown-up 2 1/2 yr. old! We knew our little photo session had probably gone on too long when out of nowhere, Avery yelled out, "She's too heeeaavvvy!!! I don't think I can hold her anymore!!" We couldn't help but just bust up laughing!! Avery had the most distressd look on her face-as you can sort of see in this last picture. It was pretty hilarious! Carly looked like she had no cares in the world-she was having a great time just sitting there, chomping on her hands!
After we were able to finally contain our laughter we took about two more shots and then relieved the poor exhausted 2 yr. old. What cuties!

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